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TV Shows Quiz Free


Welcome to TV Shows Quiz, an app full of quizzes and good memories, all those hours watching TV are finally put to test.In this app, you'll find tons of quizzes based on the greatest TV shows of all time, including cartoons, series, shows and animes. You may find your favourite series, or that great cartoon or anime you used to watch every day in your childhood.
This app it's centered in minimalist quizes, some of them easy to solve, some others not so easy, based in shows scenes, characters, iconic moments and items that only true fans will know.
Enjoy memorable times with this app full of good memories, challenge yourself, challenge your friends, share your quizzes through Facebook and Twitter, you can send feedback, comments and more important, you can send your quiz proposal for that show you have in mind and want to see in this app in the Extras section through an e-mail.
Features:*Tons of Quizzes*Multiple Levels*Unlockables*Clues, Hints and Helps*Facebook Sharing*Twitter Sharing*Requests, comments and Feedback through Extras section
Thank you for downloading, we'll be looking forward to your e-mail and working on more quizzes for the next update.